Thought leaders in water resources engineering

Our Reason for Being

To enable our public and private sector clients to manage the existing drainage infrastructure with greater efficiency by providing expert services, innovative, purposefully-built supporting technology solutions, and, wisdom, within a work environment which is supportive, fun and fulfilling.

Civica Infrastructure Inc. partners with local and regional municipalities, other engineering services firms and developers in improving and protecting the environment. As a thought leader in water resources engineering, we strive to meet your drainage infrastructure management needs through our innovation and expertise. Our industry-leading software is changing the way that cities manage and design their water resources.

Municipalities and regional bodies rely upon our trusted, proven expertise to assist in developing policies and procedures which help to optimize the capacity of existing sanitary sewer system infrastructure. Engineering services firms and developers know Civica is the source to call upon when in-depth knowledge and specialized expertise is required.

From enhancing storm facilities to prevent future flooding, to facilitating new land development by streamlining and reducing existing sanitary flows; from comprehensive asset management suites that provide cost-effective best management practices, to the ability to access and be notified by remote sensor stations via a cloud-based data hosting network….we are passionate about delivering the best quality services and software tools solutions to the water resources community.


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