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We help land developers practice sustainable development by identifying and addressing sources contributing to overcapacity of the existing sewer infrastructure

Civica provides land developers and contractors with the specialized expertise, services and software tools required to facilitate compliance with the sustainable development requirements involving storm water management and wastewater flows in the target development areas.

Civica - Rain & Flow Chart

Civica helps support Sustainable Development

Practicing sustainable development is becoming a priority for many leading land developers and contractors. This new focus is being encouraged by more stringent regulations as well as by financial incentives being offered by the municipal and regional authorities who control the building permits. However, being able to demonstrate to these authorities that their criteria for sustainable development are being met can be challenging.

Increasingly, Civica’s rain and flow monitoring services, in combination with our expertise in identifying and addressing inflow and infiltration (I&I), together with our easy-to-use DataCurrent software platform are being used to enable developers and contractors to prove that they have identified and corrected sources of I&I which contribute to overcapacity of the sanitary sewer systems.

And, by also equipping the municipal and regional authorities with access to the relevant, water-related data through our DataCurrent software platform, Civica enables all parties involved in the land development process to monitor compliance.

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