Inflow & Infiltration Management

DataCurrent makes it faster and easier to identify, quantify, prioritize & verify the sources of I&I in your sewer infrastructure

DataCurrent’s innovative I/I management tools expedite the analysis of extremely large volumes of previous and ongoing monitoring data, delivering essential information in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Quickly visualize and analyze the I&I sources in your sewer infrastructure.

Using thematic mapping, with selected colors representing different levels of severity, DataCurrent displays the most critical areas within a catchment area being impacted by inflow and infiltration.

Flow and rainfall regression analysis tools automatically quantify the net I/I reduction benefits between pre and post-remediation phases. DataCurrent’s “I/I Normalization Tool” quantifies the I/I and rainfall metrics of each wet weather flow event and then allows the user to easily plot and manipulate a regression analysis.

Civica - inflow & infiltration

Visual map-based interface for instant identification of areas with most acritical I&I sources

Start managing your sewer infrastructure with DataCurrent today.

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