Lot Drainage Inspection

Efficiency tools to help identify, quantify, prioritize & verify

Identification of lot-level drainage defects can help reduce sewer capacity problems and reduce risks and liability

Reduce your risk

Observation data from lot grading inspections, manually-entered by field staff on their tablets and supported with geo- referenced photos, hydrologic/hydraulic characteristics and potential remediation options, can be quickly accessed via DataCurrent simply by clicking on the mapping interface displaying each of the lots. Color-coding makes it easy to identify which lots are in need of attention and to develop a cost-effective remediation plan.

Identifying the location, grading and drainage direction of the drainage features of residential lots is an important method of addressing the basement flooding
problem in flood-prone areas. Civica’s trained field staff perform detailed inspections of problem lots and record
the location of the drainage outlet (surface or in-ground), the grading at the outlet
(positive or negative) and identify any other features which may contribute to water
accumulation. Photos are taken of each feature inspected and spatial data is
collected, all of which is recorded in Civica’s water resources data management
platform, DataCurrent.

To reduce the risks of liability associated with basement flooding, Municipalities can
make use of the collected information to implement downspout disconnection
programs, to remediate areas by improving lot grading, creating new drainage
swales and catch basins.

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