Rain & Flow Monitoring

Capture flow or any environmental data accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively.

See, at a glance, the detailed information about flow rates, velocity and depth in relation to specific rainfall events, for one specific flow monitoring station, for a sub-group or for all of your flow monitors.

Visualize & analyze your rain & flow monitoring data

DataCurrent enables sewer asset performance to be monitored and analyzed through a flexible, map-oriented user-interface. Rain gauges and flow monitors, within individually-selected, user-defined catchment areas or across an entire region, can now be reviewed alongside collected measurements and asset information as well as other climate/environmental information to enable spatial and temporal analysis.

Sanitary Flow Report

The Sanitary Flow Report creates a flow versus time graph by interpolating the data recorded by a flow meter at certain time intervals. This data shows the daily flow curve recorded over a specified monitoring period.

This tool provides a summary of all dry and wet weather parameters for each monitoring location within the project. The graph output result is useful in identifying the limits of the flows being monitored, and spotting any trends that might be occurring at a particular site.

Data can be collected from virtually any remote rain gauge or flow monitoring station, automatically, via telemetry or manually via batch-entry. Civica can also import and consolidate all of your historical rain gauge and flow monitoring data into DataCurrent so that you are able to easily access and compare all of your data from one location, regardless of which or how many contractors may have supplied the data.

Multiple alarms can be set up within DataCurrent, based upon flexible, user-defined parameters, to automatically notify specified personnel by phone, text and/or email.

DataCurrent can be used for precipitation monitoring, storm and sanitary sewer monitoring, climate and data collection and analysis, SWM facility monitoring and open channel quantity/quality monitoring.

Start managing your sewer infrastructure with DataCurrent today.

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