Environmental Compliance
Approval Regulations
Webinar on 10 Key Insights Into The
New Sanitary ECA Regulations
July 14, 2021   |   1.00 - 2:00 pm


10 Key Insights Into The New Sanitary ECA Regulations

Get acquainted with the latest on the new Consolidated Linear Infrastructure Environmental Compliance Approval (CLI-ECA) Regulations released by the MECP. The Sanitary ECA Regulations are aimed at streamlining and standardizing ECA applications across the province. Civica’s team of experts has identified the following 10 key insights into the updated regulations.

Streamlines the ECA application process

Standardizes design criteria and guidance across the province

Funding, Assistance and Internal Advocacy to Comply with Regulations

Wet Weather Flow Prevention, Reduction and Mitigation Should Be Considered
in Every System

Inspection and monitoring are key to asset operation
and maintenance

Assessment studies including master plans, system-wide modelling, inflow and infiltration studies, optimization studies, servicing strategies, etc. are key to optimizing service levels, O&M, and capital planning

Emphasis on Monitoring, Reporting and Reducing System Overflows

A Deeper Understanding of Sanitary Assets are Needed

Importance of Rainfall Data Collection and Analysis

A smart city approach can be taken to preserve and protect the natural environment

Meet Our Panelists

Edward Graham

Edward has 30 years of Municipal Water Resources and software engineering experience, focusing on wastewater and stormwater drainage infrastructure. His experience includes drainage system capacity management master planning, program development, and specific technical analysis and analytics. Examples include municipal-wide monitoring program design and integration, project-specific and city-wide model developement, sanitary sewer Inflow and Infiltation reduction, storage attenuation, and developing software to analyze the hydrology and hydraulics, collect and analyze the data, and convert this to useful information for making decisions about the systems.

Matthew Malone
VP Business Development

Matthew Malone has accumulated a wealth of experience in the areas of wastewater and stormwater capacity assessment and management, with a high level of expertise in capacity management, stormwater management, flow monitoring and inflow and infiltration (I/I) programs. Matthew’s previous experience as a Project Manager for the Region of Peel’s Infrastructure Planning and Asset Management group allowed him to gain insights into the key challenges faced by municipalities managing water/wastewater assets

Urban Water Engineering Team Lead

Ilmar has over 30 years of engineering, financial/asset management and municipal leadership experience in Ontario related to water and wastewater and public works infrastructure. His experience includes project management, planning, design, construction, commissioning and management consulting for municipal clients for watermain, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, stormwater management facilities, water and wastewater treatment projects.Ilmar‘s project experience includes environmental assessment studies, preliminary and functional planning, preliminary and detailed design, site inspection, contract administration, and commissioning for municipal infrastructure projects.

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