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Flood Emergency Management System: Real-Time Flood Depth Prediction

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Flexible system integration over multiple flood forecast locations

Flooding potential is a function of climate and watershed conditions. Civica’s Flood Forecasting system uses spatial-enabled climate forecasts plus current, field-verified antecedent moisture conditions and other watershed data (hydraulics and vulnerable site characteristics) to issue real-time notices and warnings to the municipal managers responsible for responding to flood vulnerable sites. In an era of climate change and extreme weather events, Civica partners with municipal and rural watershed managers, through constant updates and access via mobile devices, to stay ahead of developing flood risks

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State-of-the-art climate forecasts integrate with site-specific water level predictions based upon hydraulic data and numerical models

Flood Forecasting App

Maximize available flood emergency response time through continuous updates on current and predicted weather, flow, and potential flood locations and extents

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