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Visual OTTHYMO is a hydrologic modelling software solution for single event and continuous modelling. VO is intuitive and provide results in less time. As municipalities are required to meet more diverse stormwater management targets, we have designed tools in VO to help you achieve these targets:

  • Peak Flow,
  • Site Water Balance,
  • Wetland Water Balance,
  • Water Quality and,
  • Instream Erosion

Low Impact Development (LIDs) technologies, Stormwater Management (SWM) facilities, Wetlands, Channels, Sewers can be planned, designed, and analyzed efficiently.

The All-In-One Stormwater Analysis Tool for Water Quality and Habitats, Water Quality and Drinking Water Sources, Groundwater Recharge and Hydrologic Water Cycle, and Erosion.

Low Impact Development Toolkit For Single Event & Continuous Climate Modelling

Low Impact Development Toolkit

VO includes modelling tools required to complete large scale planning studies and detailed LID designs. With the LID tools, you can now easily design for water balance mitigation, water quality treatment, phosphorus reduction, and peak flow control.


Flow monitoring software

With the all-new FREE in-built GIS, you can now make use of powerful map functions without an additional GIS license.

Compound Channel

The Compound Channel command in VO6 has been split to calculate channel routing in both a “low flow channel” and “floodplain” portions of the cross-section with the routing effects then being combined for the final output. The user can define channel and floodplain lengths and slopes.

Erosion Index

Users could determine the erosion threshold flow rate as targets to assess pre and post-development conditions.

Pond Overflow

Recently we were asked by a VO user on how to calculate the overflow from a pond if the inflow hydrograph exceeds the stage-storage curve input into VO. That is, if a pond is sized for a 100-year storm event, how can VO be used to calculate the overflow volume from a larger storm event, say, a 350-year event. We listened and we have now added the functionality to calculate the overflow from a reservoir on the RouteReservoir command.

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