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Civica Infrastructure Inc. is an industry leader in wastewater and storm water management consulting services, leveraging innovation and expertise to help municipalities maximize the use of valuable and finite drainage infrastructure capacity. We provide guidance and actionable solutions to local and regional municipalities, conservations authorities, provincial government agencies, land developers and other civil engineering consulting firms to address various issues associated with drainage capacity management. Civica’s expertise spans across sanitary and storm sewer systems as well as natural water shed as set planning and asset management. As a company, we have experienced continuous growth both internally and externally through collaborative projects with municipalities, land developers and other consulting firms in the numerous communities we are working within. 

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As thought leaders in the wastewater and stormwater consulting industry, Civica offers local & regional municipalities, developers, civil engineering consulting firms, and conservation authorities a wide range of services related to drainage capacity management. Civica provides a collaborative approach to project management, with industry expertise, client focus, innovation and project quality always top of mind.

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