Land Development Engineering


Land development is a key factor that contributes to the growth of communities and cities. Civica, a pioneer in this sector, offers services that help developers and municipalities every step of the way through effective understanding of the task and providing solutions that minimizes risk, addresses issues, and satisfies approval criteria, ensuring project completion.

We work closely between land developers, civil engineering firms and regulatory agencies to secure approvals for land development projects. Civica’s highly skilled staff specialize in identifying and analyzing sewer system capacity, increasing system capacity by reducing wet weather flows, preventing Inflow & Infiltration. We also assist in assessing and monitoring Low Impact Development (LID) performance and Stormwater management facilities, with a wide range of inspections services to help manage your assets.



Minimize Capital Expenditures

Prevent I/I related flooding

Development Approvals Through I/I Offset Programs

Reduction of Operational Costs & Maintenance Repairs

Civica’s Land Development Programs

Developer-Led I&I Offset (Capacity Generation)

Sanitary/ Combined Sewer Capacity Analysis

New Subdivision I&I Prevention Consulting

Key Project Case Studies