Sewer Inspection Services

Sewer Inspection Services

Civica takes pride in performing all field inspections in-house so we can ensure quality data is obtained and ready for our clients (which is often our consulting teams) to use immediately. Unidentified sewer problems can cause serious issues such as inflow &infiltration, sewage back-ups, spills, and overflows as well as overall reduced capacity. Civica specializes in a wide range of field and consulting services including flow monitoring, CCTV monitoring, Maintenance Hole inspections, Smoke & Dye testing, and other wet weather inspections to help identify, analyze and remediate Inflow and Infiltration along with their associated system defects. We also assist with construction assumptions where new sewers,laterals and manholes require inspection and review to verifyif the installation meets the design specifications before it canbe accepted as a municipal asset.


Save time and resources by conducting complete asset inspections with emphasis on staff health and safety

Simple, effective and environmentally safe methods of detecting system defects, including Inflow &Infiltration

Extensive industry knowledge and recognized as the leader in Municipal I/I reduction programs

Maintain accurate and up-to-date information on your drainage and other sewer related assets

NASSCO-certified operators and inspections according to PACP and MACP standards

Rapid reporting with GIS-based outputs for easy review and assimilation into larger documents

Unique and valuable inspections during wet weather to identify I/I WHEN it is happening

Civica’s Sewer Inspection Programs

CCTV Inspections

Maintenance Hole (MH) Inspections

Lot Drainage Inspections

Smoke Testing

Dye Testing

Specialized Wet Weather Inspections

Wet Weather CCTV Automated Sewer Camera Inspections Rainfall Simulation Testing Storm Sewer Exfiltration Testing

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