Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Studies


Civica has been involved in many Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) studies to identify potential positive and negative effects of municipal infrastructure projects forstormwater, water and wastewater projects. The Ministry of the Environment and the Municipal Engineers Association, in accordance with the EA Act (2000), require that municipalities perform a Class EA study before a project can begin.

Civica has the knowledge and expertise to complete EA services and has partnered with many municipalities and other consulting firms to complete projects related to stormwater, water and wastewater master plans, pollution prevention control plans (PPCP), and basement flooding studies.



Assess Sanitary or Storm Sewer Capacity

Assess Water Distribution System Capacity

Plan for future growth and infrastructure needs

Optimize Operational Costs & Maintenance

Plan for impacts of climate change on critical infrastructure

Assess Inflow and Infiltration (I/I)

Optimize infrastructure upgrades and plan capital budgets

Civica’s Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Studies Programs

Water/ Wastewater/ Stormwater Master Plans

Pollution Prevention Control Plans (PPCP)

Basement Flooding Studies

Civica’s Proven Process

Civica adds value to all five phases of a Class EA:

Flow and Rainfall Monitoring

Key Project Case Studies