Asset Management Planning

Flood Analysis

The key to managing municipal infrastructure is sound asset management planning. It is a long-term process that enables municipalities to make informed investment decisions for their infrastructure assets. Civica offers services including document transformation, condition assessment, asset monitoring and other consulting services that help local governmental agencies plan and manage their assets. Our promise to deliver long–lasting value is backed by our team’s decade long experience in developing data-driven strategies and operational recommendations necessary to achieve objectives and service level expectation.

Flood Analysis


Identify & manage risks associated with aging infrastructure

Plan new infrastructure asset management, including operations and maintenance, according to MECP regulations (e.g. ECA approvals)

Improved regulatory compliance

Long -Term system planning and infrastructure integrity strategies

Save costs & additional spending though improved up-front
infrastructure planning

Civica’s Asset Management Planning Programs

Document Transformation


Condition Assessments

Asset Inspections

Asset Monitoring

Key Project Case Studies