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wastewater monitoring

Civica recognizes the costly impacts and the environmental repercussions that can arise from Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) in wastewater systems. With our expertise and experience in identifying, prioritizing, and remediating I/I defects, we can help prevent these events from happening. Our projects improve conditions and resiliency of wastewater sewer systems, improve infrastructure on private property while ensuring stakeholder satisfaction. We have a unique delivery model to improve and increase capacity in sanitary sewer systems, while allowing new developments to proceed. These projects will defer the need for adding new system capacity, saving municipality money associated with replacing and upgrading high-cost infrastructure.

wastewater monitoring


Reduce I/I Related Issues

Rainfall derived I/I is becoming more of a concern for sanitary sewer system capacity with increasing instances of basement flooding and sewage overflows to the environment. Civica’s proven I/I reduction methodologies will greatly reduce the flow of extraneous water entering the system, resulting in a net benefit to the community

Minimizing Capital Expenditures

With sustainable population and community growth, it is essential to avoid unnecessary costs of repairing or building infrastructure and decrease costs to residents with more efficient sewage management

Development Approvals Through I/I Offset Programs

We investigate and remediate I/I  to create wastewater system capacity through a net-benefit approach to allow developments to proceed faster and less expensive than alternative infrastructure upgrades

Civica’s I&I Programs

New Subdivision I&I Prevention

A program designed to prevent Inflow & Infiltration in both the short- and long-term by enhancing construction practices and monitoring the results using innovative flow monitoring techniques.

I&I Reduction

Whether through municipal-led or developer-led offset programs, these projects investigate, identify and remediate sources of I/I in wastewater sewer systems. The key to these projects is finding and fixing sources of I/I through trusted investigation processes and practiced remediation methods.

I&I Acceptance & Mitigation

At a certain point after cost-effective I&I reduction has taken place, wastewater system hydraulic and hydrologic modelling and solution development for mitigating the impacts of residual I&I can be undertaken

Civica’s Proven Process

I/I Reduction Strategy
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Key Project Case Studies

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