About Civica Infrastructure Inc. : Growing Your Communities

Who We Are

Civica Infrastructure Inc. is a leader in water management solutions. Our expertise spans across sanitary and storm sewer systems as well as natural watershed asset planning and asset management.

Our passion is to grow communities. We achieve this by working with municipalities, land developers, conservation authorities, government agencies and other consulting firms. We are undeterred to advance our clients’ mission by networking, combining efforts and developing tools. Our sister company, Smart City Water has uniquely designed an industry-leading capacity management software that has propelled us as leaders in the industry. We continually innovate to offer niche services to our clients who are looking to optimize the capacity of their existing drainage systems.

Since 2012, Civica seeks to understand industry needs and direction to provide turn-key solutions to our trusted partners and clients. We develop comprehensive solutions to service sectors such as:

Inflow & Infiltration (I&I) Reduction

Water Resources

Master Planning

Development Approvals

Flow and Rainfall Monitoring

Sewer Inspection Services


Our Mission

Civica’s mission is to help our communities grow sustainably through innovative solutions to drainage capacity problems.

Our Vision

To respect, value and hold people at the highest regard. To accomplish the distinction of being the preferred first choice for drainage capacity management and ensure Civica’s contribution in Client’s success through leadership standards of dedication, performance, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR has always been at the heart of everything Civica does. We strive to contribute and enhance societies by going above and beyond just philanthropic initiatives. Through our services, we look to create and establish a developed and sustainable environment for societies and regions across Canada.  Civica aims to contribute towards community development through initiatives that align with the broader mission of the company, which is to help our communities grow sustainably through innovative solutions to drainage capacity problems. 

As a Corporate Citizen, Civica looks to, 

  • Contribute to the quality of life and the health of its employees and surrounding communities through equitable labour practices and charitable giving.

  • Preserve the environment through sustainable projects and practices.

  • Celebrate diversity as an ‘Equal Opportunity Employer’. We are committed to provide an inclusive environment regardless of the race, colour, religion, sex orientation and gender.

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