Stormwater Management


As populations grow and development spreads, there can be consequences upstream and downstream of developed areas, such as reduced water quality, increased flooding and damage due to erosion. Civica’s Watershed studies provide Conservation Authorities and Municipalities with the information they need to protect existing landowners and the sensitive natural features found in our watersheds. These studies provide guidelines for regulating flooding, mitigating erosion and protecting water quality and natural features within a watershed.

Our highly skilled team have extensive experience working on pond and wetland monitoring & condition assessment, Stormwater management facility inspections, water quantity and quality monitoring, low impact development (LID) design, drainage modelling & design and construction administration, providing holistic solutions to stormwater management issues.



Understanding flood risk before you start planning your projects to
save time and money

Leverage Civica’s proprietary software tools to build large models
quickly and accurately

Get the highest quality studies delivered on time and on budget

Our policy of meeting with conservation authority staff throughout the monitoring and modeling process results in faster review times and less revisions, providing a timelier approval

Civica’s Stormwater Management Programs

Watershed/Subwatershed Studies

Pond and Wetland Monitoring and Condition Assessment

SWM Facility Inspections

Water Quantity and Quality Monitoring

Low Impact Development (LID) Design

Drainage Modelling and Design

Construction Administration

Key Project Case Studies