The City of Peterborough retained Civica to install and maintain a flow and rainfall monitoring network that aided in locating and identifying inflow and infiltration (I/I) throughout the City. This monitoring network contained twenty-nine (29) Civica sanitary flow monitors and eight (8) City rain gauges. Civica was responsible for installing, maintaining, removing, and relocating the flow monitors, as well as maintaining the City’s network of rain gauges. The monitoring network had its live data sent to Civica’s DataCurrent website where it could be viewed, downloaded, and analyzed by City personnel. All stations collecting flow and rainfall data underwent Civica’s detailed QA/QC procedures prior to analysis for dry-weather flow, groundwater infiltration (GWI) rates, and wet weather flow. Monthly reporting was required as part of this project, which included a map of the monitoring locations and a summary of rainfall events (with return periods calculated) captured during the month. Detailed analysis for each monitoring station was also provided in the monthly reports and included data charts and any maintenance activities that had taken place at each monitoring location (data downloads, sensor calibration, equipment fixes, etc.).

The original project scope was for one (1) year but was extended to three (3) years by the City of Peterborough.