The City of Richmond Hill retained Civica Infrastructure to undertake the Urban MESP update study. The study is intended to verify and update the proposed municipal water and wastewater infrastructure improvements required to support the City’s planned growth and intensification. Civica staff is reviewing the work completed for the 2014 UMESP study and advise of any potential impacts associated with the recommended solutions to the Town’s Natural Heritage features identified in the City’s OP schedules. A detailed hydrodynamic InfoWorks ICM model was used to define the performance of City’s sanitary sewer system with respect to the magnitude and extent of surcharging/overloading in the wastewater collection system; identify locations where surcharge potentially will cause basement flooding; and aid in the development and evaluation of mitigation measures for basement flooding. Existing deficiencies and limitations within the drainage system were identified. The results presented will be used to define alternative flood control measures prior to developing the preferred alternative. The study developed and evaluated alternative solutions, assessed impacts of the preferred solutions, identified measures to minimize any adverse impacts, and provided opportunities for public and stakeholder input, to identify recommended preferred solution(s).