Combo Truck

Manhole Inspection

Unwanted foreign objects, such as debris, sediments, calcite, cement, and solidified asphalt, can cause significant asset management issues, including blockages when they find their way into sewers and storm drains. Fortunately, Civica’s all-new fast and reliable Combo Truck, the latest addition to our fleet of vehicles, offers a simple and cost-effective solution that flushes away all unwanted materials from the sewers with ease.

At Civica, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive sewer cleaning services that go beyond mere flushing and vacuuming. As our team works to clean the sewers, they track the progress and details of the work performed in our online GIS database.

If you’re concerned about the accumulation of foreign objects in your sewers and storm drains and need a rapid and cost-effective solution, contact Civica today to learn more about our all-new Combo Truck and our comprehensive sewer cleaning services. Our team is committed to helping you keep your infrastructure running smoothly and avoid system backups.

Manhole Inspection


Cost-effective solution for removing unwanted debris from sewers and storm drains.

Tailor-made sewer cleaning services that provide rapid response and reliable solutions to address the unique challenges posed by atypical right-of-way issues.

Non-invasive methods are used to avoid the need for digging thereby mitigating the imminent threats posed by blockages.

Avoid costly repairs and downtime through regular cleaning and maintenance of sewers and storm drains to prevent blockages and asset management issues.