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Introduction to Collection System Flow and Rainfall Monitoring (Part 1)

flow and rainfall monitoring

Flow and rainfall monitoring is a crucial aspect of managing water resources in municipalities. Flow and rainfall monitoring involve measuring the natural occurrence of precipitation as well as human-related inputs (i.e., sewage in wastewater systems) and the resulting flow conditions in collection systems. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of flow…

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Stormwater Management Facility Sediment Efficiency Monitoring Using Innovative Forecasting and Sampling Techniques (Part 1)

Flow monitoring

The Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP) has adopted legislation that requires the removal of up to 80% of the total suspended solids (TSS) present in urban stormwater. This is critical to stormwater management. In many urban areas throughout Ontario, this legislation has led to the implementation of different types of stormwater management…

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Case Studies for the Identification and Quantification of Sanitary Maintenance Hole Inflow and Infiltration (I&I)

MH water management

Sanitary sewer capacity can be quickly overwhelmed during large rainfall or snowmelt events. Maintenance holes (MH) —even ones not in low-lying areas—can become submerged and produce an inflow of water to sanitary systems. Inflow and infiltration inspections are designed to assess sanitary sewer capacity analysis, giving you a more comprehensive picture of your wastewater asset…

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Impacts of Existing Storm Drainage Design Standards in Ontario on Sanitary System Capacity (Part 1)

Sewer flow monitoring

Municipal sanitary sewer systems need to be designed to specifically account for large rainfall events, otherwise there is a potential for wastewater flooding during these storms. In other words, sanitary systems need to be designed with storm drainage in mind in order to prevent flooding. Sanitary maintenance holes are designed to account for some storm…

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An Overview of the New Subdivision Flow Monitoring to Assess Performance of Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) Prevention

Municipal Water Management

All wastewater collection systems are designed to convey water to a designated point. They are meant to allow for a small amount of extraneous inflow and infiltration (I/I). But more often than not, there is higher I/I than anticipated and can present capacity issues to the sanitary sewers. That’s what makes new subdivision flow monitoring…

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