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Creating Wastewater System Capacity to Support Housing: Private-Side Inflow and Infiltration Reduction Success

civica i&i service

Murari Raghavan (, B.Tech, M.Sc., Civica Infrastructure Inc. Matthew Malone (, M.Sc., MBA, Civica Infrastructure Inc. Introduction The impacts of reduced sewer conveyance and treatment capacity in wastewater systems caused by Inflow and Infiltration (I&I), bring about problems including increased risk of basement flooding, restricted new urban development, increased wastewater operation and maintenance costs, and…

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Collection System Modelling Utilizing Flow and Rainfall Data (Part 2)

Sewer Capacity Analysis

In the previous post, an overview of Civica’s fifth webinar was provided. Part 1 explained how Ontario’s infrastructure growth and climate changes are affecting collection systems and wastewater management. Part 2 will take a deeper look into flow data and the different models used to assess dry-weather flow (DWF) add wet-weather flow (WWF). Why Use…

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Collection System Modelling Utilizing Flow and Rainfall Data (Part 1)

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This article summarizes the fifth installment in Civica’s Flow Monitoring Webinar Series and will discuss flow monitoring in collection systems. The focus of this post will be on modelling, with particular emphasis on collection system modelling. An overview of the fifth webinar will be provided in two parts. Ontario’s Infrastructure Growth and Changing Climate Ontario,…

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Flow and Rainfall Monitoring – Ensuring Data Quality and Introduction to Analysis Tools (Part 1)

Sewer Inspection Services

In the first two installments of the Flow Monitoring Webinar Series, Civica aimed to provide a greater understanding of natural phenomena (e.g., rainfall) and assess built systems (infrastructure) and how they perform against design expectations. The webinars also examined available technology and how to effectively operate and maintain it. Now, this third webinar explores the…

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Flow and Rainfall Monitoring – Available Technology and How to Effectively Operate and Maintain (Part 2)

Flow Monitoring Tools and Maintenance

  The management of wastewater and sewage systems is crucial to ensure the public health and environmental protection. Sewer flow monitoring is a critical aspect of managing these systems as it enables operators to understand the hydraulic conditions and performance of the system. In recent years, technological advancements have made sewer flow monitoring more efficient…

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Introduction to Collection System Flow and Rainfall Monitoring (Part 1)

flow and rainfall monitoring

Flow and rainfall monitoring is a crucial aspect of managing water resources in municipalities. Flow and rainfall monitoring involve measuring the natural occurrence of precipitation as well as human-related inputs (i.e., sewage in wastewater systems) and the resulting flow conditions in collection systems. In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of flow…

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Stormwater Management Facility Sediment Efficiency Monitoring Using Innovative Forecasting and Sampling Techniques (Part 1)

Flow monitoring

The Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP) has adopted legislation that requires the removal of up to 80% of the total suspended solids (TSS) present in urban stormwater. This is critical to stormwater management. In many urban areas throughout Ontario, this legislation has led to the implementation of different types of stormwater management…

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