Civica was retained by the City of Hamilton for the Professional and Consulting Services Roster 2019-2020, Category 9 – Stormwater Management / Water Resources Engineering – Contract Number C12-06-18.  This roster assignment involved the delineation of catchment areas and completion of hydraulic analysis to evaluate the service level of the existing storm sewers, determine sewer size upgrade requirements, and provide cost estimates for the proposed work. Civica conducted the hydraulic analysis of the local storm sewers to provide storm sewer work scope for road reconstruction or urbanization projects in the City for four different project areas as part of this roster assignment with work completed in 2020.

Civica produced a stormwater servicing concept design as part of the technical memorandum for each project location outlining the results of the analysis and provided recommendations for storm sewer pipe size upgrades where sewers did not meet the City’s capacity requirements. Throughout the project, Civica consulted with all necessary Conservation Authorities and other third-party stakeholders regarding the constraints and requirements for any potential storm sewer or outfall upgrades. Civica used previous storm sewer construction experience to determine accurate cost estimates for the proposed stormwater servicing concept design.