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Wastewater Consultants

Improperly disposed wastewater can pose a risk to the health of residents and can cause massive property damage. But with wastewater modelling, you will be better able to prevent these worst-case scenarios from occurring in the first place.

And with the right wastewater consultants supporting you, you will be able to identify risks that your development or municipality faces and quickly work to address them, protecting your development or area.

Wastewater Modelling Systems

In order to perform effective development and municipal wastewater management, you need to be able to account for the impact of wet-weather events such as snow melting or heavy rain. The increase in rainfall can lead to adverse effects on the hydraulic operations of wastewater conveyance systems.

But with Civica, your development or municipality will be able to generate hydraulic models that will be able to account for these wet-weather events.

Additionally, these models will demonstrate how your system operates in normal conditions, so you’ll have a baseline from which to judge.

With this data in hand, you’ll then be able to develop control strategies that leverage your existing infrastructure to maximize capture and transport flows to the wastewater plant for proper discharge and treatment.

Why Do Land Developers Need Wastewater Models?

Developing your land without appropriate planning for wastewater can lead to regulatory infringements, delays, potential damage to your property, and a whole host of other headaches.

Sewer water management and wastewater monitoring are key to ensuring that your land doesn’t contain any dangerous vulnerabilities, and one of the strongest ways to account for this is via wastewater modelling.

A full wastewater management model will:

sewer inspection

How Can Civica Help with Wastewater Modelling?

As thought leaders in the wastewater and stormwater consulting industry, Civica offers local and regional municipalities, developers, civil engineering consulting firms, and conservation authorities a wide range of services related to drainage capacity management. Civica provides a collaborative approach to project management, with industry expertise, client focus, innovation and project quality always top of mind.

We combine years of experience with industry-leading technology and best practices to ensure that your land is equipped to create a safe and effective wastewater management plan.

Benefit from:

Civica’s Wastewater Management Program Services

Your people and properties are too valuable to leave in the hands of unqualified wastewater management consultants.

Our waster monitoring and modelling services are second to none, so you can rest assured that are plans are safe and cost-effective for your business or municipality.

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With Civica as your wastewater and stormwater management partner, you’ll experience a range of benefits, including:

Our team follows all the relevant City of Toronto guidelines, ensuring compliance with City mandates and making your project’s development that much smoother. We also follow other guidelines for municipalities in Ontario.

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