CCTV Sewer Inspection Services for Municipalities and Land Developers in Ontario

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Sewer Camera Inspection

A problem in your sewer system can lead to catastrophic and costly consequences if undiscovered and unaddressed. But with CCTV sewer inspections, you can prevent an issue in your sewers from getting out of hand and ensure that your land development or municipality is safe.

The Importance of Sewer Inspection for Land Development

Our CCTV inspection will be able to identify both the obvious and more subtle issues in your sewer. We will also be able to collect extra data with a critical and trained eye that is not possible through standard PACP/MACP inspections and capture data that is critical to the assessment process.

Videos are also all reviewed in our office by our Engineering group and combined with attribute data in order to provide a complete and comprehensive scope of recommendations.

Our CCTV sewer inspections are performed by top CCTV operators fully PACP, LACP, & MACP certified. This ensures that the important coding is consistent and of the highest calibre.

Sewer flow monitoring

CCTV Sewer Inspection Techniques

sewer inspection

Your municipality or land development has several options for sewer inspection, but CCTV offers a several benefits that other techniques don’t.

With CCTV inspection, you get as much data as possible, allowing you to make the appropriate decisions when it comes to your sewer system.

Any critical issues that are found (e.g., gas cross bores) will be immediately communicated to the operations department and project manager to act on as required. As we are a full-service sewer contractor, any emergency remedial action that might be required can be attended to without the need to involve additional contractors and all the difficulties surrounding bringing in yet another firm to handle an emergency assignment.

Civica’s Sewer Camera Inspection Services

Civica takes pride in performing all field inspections in-house, so we can ensure quality data is obtained and ready for our clients (which is often our consulting teams) to use immediately.

Unidentified sewer problems can cause serious issues such as inflow and infiltration, sewage back-ups, spills, and overflows as well as overall reduced capacity.

Civica specializes in a wide range of field and consulting services including:

We combine years of experience with industry-leading technology and best practices to ensure that your land is equipped to create a safe and effective wastewater management plan.

Benefit from:

We also provide other wet weather inspections to help identify, analyze, and remediate Inflow and Infiltration along with their associated system defects. In addition, we assist with construction assumptions where new sewers, laterals, and manholes require inspection and review to verify that the installation meets the design specifications before it can be accepted as a municipal asset.

We offer a variety of sewer inspection services as well (for municipalities and land developers), including:

Our drainage camera inspection services will help additionally ensure that your sewers are running as they should be, as a drain pipe camera inspection can help identify root-cause issues that are impacting your sewer systems.

Benefits of Civica’s CCTV Sewer Inspection Program

If you’re in need of drain camera inspection or CCTV sewer inspection services, then get in touch with Civica.

We combine years of experience, proven best practices, and leading technology to deliver the results you need to properly monitor and maintain your sewer systems, proactively preventing those extremely costly emergencies from occurring in the first place.

Save time and resources by conducting complete asset inspections with emphasis on staff health and safety

Simple, effective and environmentally safe methods of detecting system defects, including Inflow &Infiltration

Extensive industry knowledge and recognized as the leader in Municipal I/I reduction programs

Maintain accurate and up-to-date information on your drainage and other sewer related assets

NASSCO-certified operators and inspections according to PACP and MACP standards

Rapid reporting with GIS-based outputs for easy review and assimilation into larger documents

Unique and valuable inspections during wet weather to identify I/I WHEN it is happening

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Civica is an industry leader in wastewater and stormwater management consulting services. We provide guidance and actionable solutions to local and regional municipalities, conservation authorities, provincial government agencies, land developers, and other civil engineering consulting firms to address various issues associated with collection systems and drainage capacity management.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our sewer flow monitoring services and CCTV inspection services in Toronto and the GTA.

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