Civica worked with the Township of West Lincoln to develop and conduct a comprehensive flow monitoring plan of the Township’s sanitary sewer network, with a focus on locating areas of high inflow and infiltration (I/I). Analysis of data included dry weather flow (DWF) and groundwater infiltration (GWI) analysis, intensity-duration frequency (IDF) curve analysis, and rainfall derived inflow and infiltration (RDII) analysis. Alongside the flow monitoring, Civica worked in partnership with Wessuc Inc. to complete flushing of over 25 kilometers (km) of sanitary pipe and over 11km of storm pipe; CCTV inspections of over 28km of sanitary pipe and over 12km of storm; and MACP maintenance hole (MH) inspections of over 400 sanitary MHs and 375 storm MHs. Additionally, Civica completed GPS coordinate surveys for all sanitary and storm MHs within the Townships system – accounting to 1,000 GPS points collected. Mainline and MH inspections were reviewed and prioritized to develop 5-year and 10-year maintenance program and capital works program forecasts.