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Flood Analysis For Land Development Projects

Floods pose a danger to any land development. Whether you’re working with a municipality, are a land developer, or a civil engineer working on a land development project, a flood analysis in Toronto is critical to ensuring that you don’t run afoul of regulations or leave your development at risk of damage from floods in the event of heavy rain.

About Flood and Floodplain Analysis

Floodplain and flood analysis involves a comprehensive survey of the flow of water in order to predict where the water will travel in the event of a flood. This is also commonly referred to as a flood risk analysis.

Urban flood analysis requires an added layer of experience and expertise, as you need to contend with water’s unpredictability alongside other complications like bridges and culverts. In other words, you want your flood analysis services to be done by trained professionals; the risks are simply too high otherwise.

You also have to ensure that you’re not building in a designated floodplain—an area that is known to be inundated with water during heavier rains—as this can breach local regulations, as well as create further flooding risks.

Strom water drainage

Why Is Flood Analysis a Must for New Land Development?

Whenever you engage in land development, you’re by nature impacting the topography. This means:

Understanding the patterns of regional flooding, the flow of floodwater, and ensuring your development doesn’t obstruct designated floodplains, etc., are all critical to progressing your land development project without unnecessary regulatory and environmental issues.

Who Needs to Perform Flood Analysis?

The best way to keep your people and your properties safe is to identify locations that are prone to flooding through flood analysis. 

Your flood and floodplain analysis should be conducted by experts who are already aware of local designated floodplains as well as how best to engineer solutions against the dangers of floodwater. 

Civica’s Flood and Floodplain Analysis Services

Civica is an industry-leader in providing rural and urban flood analysis for land developers and municipalities.

We combine years of experience with top-of-the-line technology to ensure that your flood risk analysis is comprehensive—because we know how high the stakes are.

We use hydrologic and hydraulic modelling solutions for natural watercourses, stormwater, and wastewater collection systems to allow for a high understanding and enhanced decision-making for the management of water resources and infrastructure asset performance.

We also leverage proven software services to ensure that the hydrologic and hydraulic modelling are precise and easily accessible by relevant personnel.

Contact Civica to Perform Flood Analysis in Toronto and the GTA

Our flood analysis in Toronto and across the GTA and other parts of Ontario has proven to be effective in helping municipalities and land developers avoid the dangers of flooding.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you keep your people and property safe from floods with expert planning.

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