Wastewater Flow Management

Being able to measure your water flow gives your municipality or land development key insights into how well their current sewage system can manage wastewater flow. Rainfall and wastewater flow monitoring are also the starting points for inflow and infiltration studies. As such, you need a capable and reliable water flow monitoring system to deliver accurate and actionable data to your municipality or land development.

About Wastewater and Stormwater Flow Monitoring

Your water flow monitoring system needs to be able to assess whether your sewer system is at risk should an increase in wastewater or stormwater occur. In fact, sewer flow monitoring is key to stormwater management; without it, a surge in rain from a storm could cause serious damage to your development or municipality’s infrastructure.

A water flow monitoring system (typically called wastewater flow monitoring) will collect valuable information on your sewer systems, including:

With this data on hand, you can leverage it to make important improvements or maintenance checks on your sewer system, leading to substantial cost savings when you address these issues before they can cause a disruption to your sewer system. 

Sewer flow monitoring

Civica’s Wastewater Flow Monitoring Services for Municipalities and Land Developers

We are currently performing sanitary sewer flow and rainfall monitoring in several municipalities in southern Ontario, with over 250 flow monitors and rain gauges currently deployed.

The emphasis for many projects is quality data collection, data delivery, and regular reporting of results. In preparation for this assignment, the project team members have acquainted themselves with background information driving this assignment. We see the major drivers for this assignment as follows:

Calibration of Future Wastewater Models

Civica prides itself on our ability to collect, analyze, and report on the quality of rainfall and flow data for modelling purposes. We understand the value of accurate data as we are helping the City’s efforts to make high value, high-cost decisions that impact planning decisions for years to come and leveraging high quality data for other studies such as the Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan.

Understanding Wet Weather Flow During Significant Rainfall and Snowmelt Events

One core focus of Civica is the mitigation and management of wet weather flows. We can draw on a number of local past assignments to help guide the City at both a macro and micro level.

Development-Driven Sewer Capacity Restraints

We have extensive knowledge of rapidly expanding urban areas in the City of Toronto and York Region and the associated constraints. Civica has been at the forefront of developing servicing strategies that have advanced urban developments. Most notable is the Inflow and Infiltration Reduction Program in York Region which used source control measures to reduce inflow and infiltration.

Delay and/or Reduction of Costly Capital Investment Works

Civica promotes the potential cost saving benefits of completing detailed modeling assignments that focus on the quality of input data and limit the number of assumptions to bridge data gaps. This approach brings higher certainty to the actual minimum level of service required and can significantly reduce the overall capital expenditure.

Data Quality

We believe it is the City’s intent to collect the best quality data as possible and have a high level of transparency on the activities involved to ultimately come to a final data product. Transparency and clear processes in place around data quality control and quality assurance are also key to the project.

The availability of raw data, as well as the processes and documentation around data scrubbing and cleaning will give the City confidence that the best possible data product is delivered.

For the duration of the project, Civica will provide the City with online access to DataCurrent, our industry-leading, web-based, GIS-enabled, database management software tool for the collection, analysis and reporting of data related to drainage asset condition and performance.

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